Friday, 27 July 2012 00:00

Cages of Shame

"Cages of Shame" is an award-winning film by Martin Guinness that tells the story of bear bile farming in China and the mission to save ten bears and close down a bear farm. We will be screening this 45 minute long film on 2nd September 2012 at the Annexe Rooms Community Centre in Partick. I am very happy to be able to tell you that following the screening there will be a question & answer session with an Animals Asia veterinarian and a vet nurse. Both have witnessed the horror of the bear farms themselves, and worked at the Animals Asia sanctuary in China for several years.

Doors open at 12, the screening will start at 12.15. Tickets are £5.00 and can be purchased online or pay at the door.

For more info about the film see here: Cagesofshame.com

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